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Al Bano surgery after two heart attacks
Showbiz: Декабрь 10, today
Al Bano surgery after two heart attacks
The famous Italian singer al Bano has had surgery after two heart attacks, reported Saturday the website of the popular weekly magazine Oggi. According to the edition, popular Russian performer felt ill on Friday evening during a rehearsal of the Christmas concert in Rome. discuss
The Chairman of the Central Bank: only 10% of Russians have savings in banks
Finance: Декабрь 10, today
The Chairman of the Central Bank: only 10% of Russians have savings in banks
Deputy Chairman of the management Board of the Bank of Russia Sergei Shvetsov said that only about 10% of Russians have savings in Bank accounts, reports RNS. discuss
In the suburbs of the deceased buried in Syria, Colonel of the Galician
Society: Декабрь 10, today
In the suburbs of the deceased buried in Syria, Colonel of the Galician
Who died in Syria military adviser Colonel Ruslan Galitsky is buried at the Federal military memorial cemetery with full military honors, reports TASS. The soldier was buried in accordance with the military ritual, the sounds of Russian national anthem and accompanied by a gun salute. discuss
Drunk high school on the tractor attacked a patrol car
Crimianl: Декабрь 10, today
Drunk high school on the tractor attacked a patrol car
Police officers several times asked the driver to stop, but he ignored them. Miracles on bends the Most ridiculous accident the Student had left on an oncoming lane and tried to throw the patrol car off the road into a ditch. In the end the police had to open fire on the wheels of the tractor. discuss
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Kindergarten в„–198, cherry, Togliatti
198 cherry Togliatti. What can I say! Garden combined type: there are groups for children with mental retardation and normal. About garden reviews virtually no. So leave your. Be prepared that the h ...

Antenna Master, and Assembly firm
The company is very responsible. I repaired the plate that hung in my 5 years and after the thunderstorm has stopped working. They had to go far, they are the only ones who agreed to come to us. At th ...


Well done guys, make great curtains. I especially recommend their fishnet pelmets for curtains. Laser cut, looks great! I ordered from them did not regret...

Partner, recruitment company
Recruiting company "PARTNER" Togliatti, St. anniversary 6, office 148. The real job they have! Lured into the office to sign the contracts with the pension Fund. Before signing the contract communi ...

Aleksandr8 5 days ago
Togliatti Telecom, CJSC Samara Telecom
High speed Internet, a quick solution to technical problems, friendly support best prices, fun promotions. Recommend.

Track Car
Ordering 12826 26.02.2016 paid till date not received the mail and is not tracked I would Like to get the goods or money

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About the city of Tolyatti

Погода в Тольятти В 22:00 на метеостанции было -6 °C, ощущается как -9 °C ясно, очень низкое атмосферное давление, высокая влажность (89%), легкий ветер (2 м/с), дующий с юго-юго-запада. В Тольятти сегодня в 10:00 ожидается -7°C, снег, умеренный ветер.